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About Zach

Born in the Midwest to hardworking parents who did everything to make ends meet, Zach Kovach learned the value of perseverance and the pursuit of the American dream. As a young college student, Zach initially questioned his path, but the 2016 election changed everything. Inspired by the need for change, he declared political science as his major and immersed himself in political clubs, eager to learn and make a difference.


In a bold move, Zach ran for the State House in Brookings, South Dakota in 2018. Despite not winning, it was a transformative experience that taught him invaluable lessons about campaigns and the inner workings of politics. Dedicated to service and seeking new opportunities, Zach served in the Marine Corps, but circumstances led him to work as a waiter and part-time ESL teacher to support his family.


Yearning to serve the people and pursue his passion for politics, Zach relocated to Maryland, where he joined Progressive Maryland. Leading campaigns for fair elections and addressing criminal justice inequalities, he witnessed the power of collective action and community engagement. Together, they achieved significant victories, establishing fair elections in Baltimore County and legalization of cannabis in Maryland through a successful ballot initiative.


While navigating personal challenges as a single father with full custody, Zach remained steadfast in his commitment to family and fighting for a better future. Working on campaigns in Iowa, he witnessed the hardships faced by working families, the flaws in healthcare and childcare systems, and the harmful impact of regressive policies. These experiences reinforced his dedication to fighting for the rights of working people, women, and the environment.


Now, standing at a critical juncture, the state of our nation troubles Zach, as our policies are eroding freedom, hurting the vulnerable, and perpetuating inequality. He refuses to accept a future where his children grow up in a country that fails them. He will not ignore the struggles faced by everyday Americans while the wealthy and elite continue to exert control.


Zach is resolute in his commitment to fight for working people, women, and the environment and he will never back down. It is time for change, and he invites you to join him in building a future where our rights are protected, our planet thrives, and working people are not left behind. The time for action is now, No More Excuses.

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